Edoardo Purgatori (a.k.a. Ed Hendrik) was born in Rome in 1989 to Andrea Purgatori, an Italian journalist and screenwriter and to Nicola Schmitz, a German art historian and actress. Edoardo is the eldest of three children and since kindergarten he attended the German School of Rome, where he began to cultivate a passion for acting when becoming a part of the school’s theater company.

By the age of 19 he’d already gathered a plethora of acting experiences, including several shows over six years at school. Edoardo also attended several rigorous acting workshops conducted by visiting teachers from the Actors Studio in New York.

In 2007 he made his professional debut in the television drama Donna Detective directed by Cinzia Th. Torrini. In a short time more television roles followed with directors Ricky Tognazzi, Alberto Sironi and Luigi Perelli, for Italy’s national public broadcasting company, Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI).

In 2008 he shortly attended the University LUISS Guido Carli in Rome, where he studied international relations before moving to England to further pursue his acting training.
In London he studied with private teachers, attended courses at the Actor’s Temple before being offered a place at the Oxford School of Drama.

After two years abroad, Edoardo returned to Rome and continued his studies with Dominique De Fazio, a member of the Actors Studio, who soon became his artistic father.
The first project he got involved in was a stage production of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. Then he played the starring role in The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute. Edoardo also performed Mark Antony from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.
At the same time in 2012, he starred in many independent short films as well as the RAI TV film, Anita Garibaldi, where he played Nino Bixio, directed by Claudio Bonivento.

In 2013 he played Emiliano Lupi in the eighth season of RAI’s Un Medico in Famiglia. Edoardo’s work as Emiliano proved a resounding success with the show’s fans, seeing him continue as the character for the upcoming ninth and tenth seasons.

2014 started strongly with the February screening of comedy feature film Amore Oggi, where Edoardo played a heartbroken, obese man. Working closely with directors Giuseppe Stasi and Giancarlo Fontana – and the film being produced by SKY Cinema – 2014 continued positively.
A procession of roles followed. Acting in La mossa del Pinguino, Claudio Amendola’s directing debut, was swiftly followed by starring in SKY Germany’s short film, Am Wald. 2014 also saw the screening of ARD’s TV Film, Trennung auf Italienisch shown on German prime time television.

Edoardo started 2015 with a role in the new film by Claudio Fragasso La grande Rabbia, inspired by the public riots in Tor Sapienza, Rome, where he played a police officer from the Italian police department, Reparto Mobile.
Afterwards he started preparing for MGM’s remake of the epic feature film Ben-Hur, where he worked with Jack Huston (Hur) and Morgan Freeman.
Straight after Ben-Hur, Edoardo was cast by director Carlo Carlei in the WWI drama The Boundary, where he played a young Italian soldier fighting in the trenches against the Austrian army.
2015 also saw Edoardo reprise his popular role of Emiliano Lupi in RAI’s 10th season of Un Medico in Famiglia. The production will end in March 2016.

He currently lives and works between London, Rome and Berlin as well as continuing to build his career in the United States.


Year title role director format company
2016 Ben-Hur Angry Slave Timur Bekmambetov Feature Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Paramount Pictures
2015 Il Nonno si finge morto a Natale Edoardo Giuseppe Stasi & Giancarlo Fontana Short SKY Cinema / Inception Srl
2015 Appunti di Viaggio Antonio di Roberto Andrea Natale Short Eyesgroup Video
2015 La grande Rabbia Stefano Claudio Fragasso Feature Diamonds International Film
2014 Amore Oggi Paride Giuseppe Stasi & Giancarlo Fontana Feature SKY Cinema / Inception Srl
2014 Am Wald Francesco Marco Longobucco Short SKY / MHMK München / FFF Bayern
2013 La Mossa del Pinguino Bulletto Claudio Amendola Feature DAP – De Angelis Group
2012 Minnie Riccardo Andrea Natale Short Andrea Natale
2012 Breaking Point Guido Ludovico Purgatori Short Ludovico Purgatori / Andrea Purgatori
2012 E Ora Mi Parli di Lei Mirco Giordano Toreti Feature Giordano Toreti / Filippo D’Antuono
2012 The Fallen Angel Gabriel Michele Coggiola Short Niccolò Rizzini
2011 G: The Other Me G Michele Coggiola Short Michele Coggiola / Edoardo Purgatori
2009 Faust Chi? Student Marco Maltauro Short Goethe Institut
Year title role director format company
2016 Un Medico in Famiglia 10 Emiliano Lupi Elisabetta Marchetti Series Rai Fiction / Publispei
2016 The Boundary Caporale Dalmasso Carlo Carlei Miniseries Rai Fiction / PayperMoon Italia
2014 Un Medico in Famiglia 9 Emiliano Lupi Elisabetta Marchetti Series Rai Fiction / Publispei
2014 Trennung auf Italienisch Stefano Florian Gärtner Film ARD Degeto / Bavaria Fernsehproduktion
2013 Un Medico in Famiglia 8 Emiliano Lupi Elisabetta Marchetti Series Rai Fiction / Publispei
2012 Anita Garibaldi Nino Bixio Claudio Bonivento Miniseries Rai Fiction / Goodtime
2011 Eroi per Caso Austrian LT Alberto Sironi Miniseries Rai Fiction / Compagnia Leone Cinematografica
2010 Mia Madre Alberto Zanetti Ricky Tognazzi Miniseries Rai Fiction / Ellemme Group
2009 Donna Detective 2 Mirco Fabrizio Costa Series Rai Fiction / Endemol Italia
2009 Un Caso di Coscienza 4 Collina Luigi Perelli Series Rai Fiction / Red Film
2008 Donna Detective Mirco Cinzia Th. Torrini Series Rai Fiction / Endemol Italia
Year title role director format company
2015 Julius Caesar Mark Antony Edoardo Purgatori Play “Casting Night” Teatro Argôt Studio
2013 The Shape of Things Adam Michele Coggiola & Maurizio Pepe Play Spiriti Allegri
2011-15 The Glass Menagerie Jim Maurizio Pepe Play Spiriti Allegri
2010 The Shape of Things Phillip Steve Woodward Play Oxford School of Drama
2008 Tartuffe Tartuffe Gerrit Kruger Play German School of Rome
2007 Les Miserables John Valjean Gerrit Kruger Play German School of Rome
2006 Rabbit Rabbit Gerard Gerrit Kruger Play German School of Rome
2005 Dance of the Vampires Chagall Sabine Kruger Play German School of Rome
2004 Pantoffeltierchen Jack Alice Herberger Play German School of Rome
Year title role director format company
2016 Eddie the Eagle Winter Olympics Judge Dexter Fletcher Feature Marv Films / Saville Productions / Studio Babelsberg
2016 Gomorrah 2: The Series German Police Officer Stefano Sollima Series Cattleya / Fandango / SKY
2016 Mine Com Operator Fabio Guaglione & Fabio Resinaro Feature The Safran Company
2015 The Martian Alex Vogel Ridley Scott Feature Scott Free Productions / Kinberg Genre
2015 Unfinished Business Nils Ken Scott Feature Regency Enterprises
2015 Mennea Various Ricky Tognazzi Miniseries Rai Fiction / Casanova Multimedia
2014 The Wind Rises Various Hayao Miyazaki Feature Studio Ghibli
2013 Adriano Olivetti Various Michele Soavi Miniseries Rai Fiction / Casanova Multimedia
2011 War Horse Various Steven Spielberg Feature DreamWorks SKG
2011 Diaz Various Daniele Vicari Feature Fandango